31 Days of October – “view”

Day 2

I’ve decided to focus most of my 31 days of October five-minute writing on favorite travel pictures.  I am yearning to travel again but it’s just not possible now, so here’s the next best thing:

Hautefort Chateau

Hautefort Chateau

One of my favorite places is Hautefort Chateau in the Dordogne region of France.  I remember the day that I drove there from Sarlat.    We had rented a country house for two weeks, picked up a map of the “Beautiful Villages of France,”  and took daily drives to visit  different ones in the region.  Hautefort was one of the longest drives,  but what a reward when we arrived there!  The chateau is so beautiful,  perched high above it’s own village and overlooking the entire region — a 360 degree view for miles.  As you enter the chateau, the hedges on the left are actually shaped like rooms;  you can walk through them.  You cross a moat bridge and go through the center doorway, entering a beautiful center courtyard.  I love to watch (and re-watch) the movie, “Ever After,” (with Drew Barrymore and Anjelica Houston) because parts of it were filmed here.  Other parts of the movie were filmed in other chateaus in the  region.   Each time I watch it,  I return to the Dordogne.

Beautiful Villages of France

Beautiful Villages of France

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