31 Days of October – “new”

Day 3  of 5-minute writing



It’s not really new for me, but it is.  I can’t travel.  It’s been 5 years since I could pack up my bags and take a trip — whenever I felt like it.  I love to travel and did a lot of it, but now I can’t.  True, I got to take a one-week trip to the Caribbean this spring — an incredibly wonderful time — but that was once in five years.  When Bo became ill,  it became increasingly difficult to get away until I just couldn’t do it.  Travel is in my blood.  I love to  see new places and visit old favorites.  Most of all,  I love to take friends with me to show them the places I love.  My last trip was to Egypt — a surprise that I never planned to have,  but the opportunity arose and we took it.  Amazingly, that was one year before the Arab Spring.  Now I can’t imagine going there.  But I do dream of going back to places …. my beloved Paris,  the French countryside,  England, Austria,  Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Russia ….. and oh, so many new places.



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2 Responses to 31 Days of October – “new”

  1. Amber says:

    I so hardly agree. Traveling is in my blood. Now I have 2 toddlers and travelling with all their gear just makes me want to cringe. What I have discovered are all the treasures so much closer to home. Currently our travel limitation is 2 hours because I simply can not stand being in the car with them longer than that. But oh the bounty that is to be had in my own backyard. May you also find excursions to wet that taste for adventure in your own backyard.


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