31 Days in October – Countryside Inn

Day 5 – “Stuck”
(Freewriting for 5 minutes every day in October – OK, I wrote for 10 min. today)

It happened in August 1970.  Bo and I had just visited his relatives in Zagreb and left to drive through Austria and back to his brother’s house in Switzerland.  We were on a small, dingy road outside of the city when I got another bout of stomach cramps and was desperate for a place to stop.  Finally,  we saw a small country inn  set far back from the road.  Bo stopped the car and I jumped out and ran down the walk to the inn. .   It was mid afternoon but it was dark inside, loud music was playing, and  I was facing a bar where  several men  and a couple of employees were talking.  They, of course, all turned to stare at me.

I tried to indicate  I needed a water closet,  but they didn’t understand, so I took a paper from the bar and printed “WC” on it.  Oh, the waitress nodded knowingly, and took me to a side room to point out the bathroom.

As I entered the tiny space , the door closed behind me, and I saw that there was no doorknob, a concern.  Modern conveniences had barely made it to the inn, but there was a flushing toilet with a tank mounted high on the wall overhead.  A tiny square window about  5 feet off the floor was the light source.

After some time when I was ready to leave, I tried to open the door but no luck.  I couldn’t do it. I tried calling and pounding on the door, but no one heard me, probably because of the loud music.  I kept thinking that maybe someone would come to check on me since I’d been in there so long.  Finally,  out of desperation — and I kept asking myself WHY DOESN’T BO COME TO CHECK ON ME??? — I crawled up onto the toilet and was able to pull myself up to the window ledge  and open it wide.  In the distance s a farmer was plowing  a field.  He was my only hope, so I just kept leaning out of the window waving my arms until, luckily, he looked up and saw me.  When he realized I needed help, he  left the field and went to the inn.

By then, I was upset, embarrassed, angry,  nearly crying.  When the excited waitress opened the door, her words sounded apologetic, but I  started to cry and actually ran out of the inn to the car.

When I got in,  Bo asked, “What too you so long?”

Yugoslavian Farmer

Yugoslavian Farmer

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