31 Days of October – “know”

Day 6 – (Five minutes of free writing every day.)

Oh, no!  I’m getting behind  on my 31 Day promise. I got stuck on Day 6 (“know”) — wrote the phrase, “If there’s one thing I know”  and then couldn’t figure out how to finish the thought.  I guess it’s because the older I get, the less I know, and right now I don’t feel as if I know much at all.

I used to be so sure of everything.  Got up in the morning and knew what the day would bring.  Filled my time with everything – – never allowed even 20 free minutes when I could fill it with a quick trip to the store or or run an errand.  Danced at night,  worked and played by day, got plenty of restful sleep,  always something wonderful to look forward to.

But that was before retirement, before Bo’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s,  even before my parents became ill and needed special help until they died.

My friend Karen and I ask one another, “Do you remember when we used to wake up in the morning and knew we had a great day to look forward to — no worries,  no problems?”  And we can hardly remember.

The one thing that I do know for certain,  is that my friends become more and more important to me every day.

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