31 Days of October – “join”

Day 9 – (Still trying to catch up!)

(I’ve joined Kate Motaung’s October challenge and decided to focus most of my 31 days of five-minute writing on favorite travel pictures.  I am yearning to travel again but it’s just not possible now, so this is the next best thing.)


Will you join me?

I’m in the British Virgin Islands on Peter Island.  The world is perfect.  I’m protected from anything bad or stressful or ugly.  Just sheer pleasure.

Lying on that hammock under a whispering palm tree is my favorite place to be, and I want to be there RIGHT NOW.  You can’t see it, but there’s a raspberry daiquiri on the table beside me and book in the hammock.  I have my eye on a private yacht that has cruised into the bay and wonder who could be on it.  Are they being waited on by an eager staff?  Cosmos on the upper deck?  Will they drop down their stern platform and roll out a couple of jet skis for a trip around the outer island and then return for some snorkeling?

I save these kinds of memories for a winter day or a stressful night, closing my eyes and bringing it all back just long enough to take a couple of deep breaths and start over again.


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