Five Minute Friday – “Break”

(Kate Motaung’s topic for five-mutes of uninterrupted writing today is “break.” Perhaps you’d like to join us too?)

You will not break me,  Alzheimer’s.  I will not give in to your demands and lose myself. You have broken Boris,  taken away his personality, memory and abilities until he is almost an empty shell beside me,  but I will fight you to the end of his life.

In the beginning, when it was almost impossible for either one of us to cope, you had the upper hand.  I would pace the house — even the street —  at night,  unable to eat or sleep or make sense of it all, holding onto the edge with my fingertips to keep from falling.

But I did not fall.  With time and the help of friends who stayed by me, I was able to hold on, and I am still standing my ground against you. I grieve as my life changes, but I am not broken.


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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday – “Break”

  1. I read this with tears in my eyes, as I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s a few years ago. Watching that was so painful, but there was so much beauty in the sorts of love it brought out, in the things that stayed behind as so much was stripped away. It is worth the fight, and the fight is beautiful. Hang in there!


  2. unspeakablejoymccoy says:

    My heart hurts with yours. My grandmother passed away three years ago to Alzheimers. She was married to my grandfather to 64 years. I watched the pain in his eyes those final years with her. I know how difficult it is to be there. You are amazing! And I hope you know how much you are loved. Hugs and blessings, Carrie from FMF


  3. Amy M says:

    Oh, my heart aches for you. I work with the disabled and elderly, and I have seen what Alzheimer’s does. Every day I pray for it to be defeated and not to threaten to break another life.


  4. Dianne Thornton says:

    Alzheimer’s is difficult. Praying God strengthens you in this struggle.


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