Ten on Tuesday: The Country

Last week I participated in Ten on Tuesday by writing what I love about the city (Philadelphia.)  This week I want to go back to my hometown and recall what I love about the country in south central Pennsylvania:  rolling hills,  beautiful farms,  orchards, a mountain view.  Much of it is still there,  but the changes have come:  farms are being replaced by housing developments,  my favorite bridge is closed,  the view from my parents’ back yard has been replaced by apartments.  Walmart moved in, a mall replaced beautiful farmland.

We didn’t live on a farm, but we were very close to several.  One of my favorites was just down the road — Frantz’s farm which raised beautiful Belgian horses and mules that loved to bray in the early daylight, and brown spotted cows that dotted the hills behind their barn.  The drive into town crossed a lovely stream,  and the trip to Blue Ridge Summit to take my piano lessons was up the mountains, across the Appalachian trail,  and into a tiny village center. We “went to town” three miles to grocery shop,  took Saturday night drives to nearby towns (5 or 10 miles away) to window-shop, and picnicked on top of the mountain at Pen Mar Park.

Some of my favorites:

Camp Penn – It started out as a CCC camp in World War II, then became the summer camp for our church.  My dad worked there clearing out copperheads and rattlesnakes in the early 1940’s. It’s on Old Forge Road, one of my favorite mountain drives anywhere.

Unknown-5 Unknown-6

Farms completely surrounded our little town, Waynesboro.

images-14 images-15

Welty’s Bridge across the Antietam Creek.  A painting of it hangs in our house.


Mules/ Belgian horses / cows

Unknown-1 Unknownimages-16

Peach orchards/ produce stands

images-5 images-19

Walking along Lion’s Farm lane on an early summer morning.  I still wake up some summer days and want to take this walk.

images-8 images-7

The Appalachian Trail crossing  Route 16 on the way to Blue Ridge Summit.
Unknown-3 images-3

(If you examine the map, I lived where the yellow line crosses  into Maryland from Pennsylvania.)

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains – our constant companion


Pen Mar Park on the mountain (where my parents met at a dance in 1936)

images-10 images-12images-11

My home town United Methodist Church


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